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Digital You: Real Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Discover how to integrate real personal branding into today's digital learning landscape. Using examples of how digital personal branding is currently being applied, you'll learn how to use it to support your talent's career growth and engagement, and how to build your brand as an innovator. Learn how personal branding has moved online and the implications for you and your talent. Discover the three-step process for building an authentic and compelling digital brand. Explore ways to build a socially savvy workforce and digital brand ambassadors at your company.


William Arruda, Co-Founder, CareerBlast.TV

Intro to LLAMA: Agile Project Management for E-Learning

Join this session to learn about the Agile project management method adapted specifically for instructional design and development projects (Lot Like Agile Management Approach---LLAMA) and how to use it on the job. You'll cover kicking off a project with a solid definition of scope to the process of estimating and planning the work. Takeaways include techniques for goal alignment, learner personas, scope definition, estimating, planning, and iterative development. Build the business case for Agile with SMEs, project sponsors, and your own team. Create learner personas. Define scope around behavior outcomes. 

Megan Torrance, CEO, TorranceLearning  

Engaging Virtual Classroom Activities---Plus the Homework Assignment Participants Love!

They never do the homework for any training, let alone a virtual one. Engagement is the main question on everyone's mind: Will it be worth my time to attend, or will it be an opportunity to check email instead? Join to discover what you can do right away to deliver engaging virtual training. Define virtual learner engagement to effectively design the appropriate learning activities.  Analyze activities for specific engagement techniques and feature usage to apply to your training. Create customized activities for immediate use in your virtual classroom programs.

Kassy LaBorie, Principal Consultant, Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC 

High-Impact Facilitation Skills: Seven Ways to Increase the Results of Your Training Delivery

Just because I said it doesn't mean you've learned it.' During this session you will explore the skills and techniques of a high-impact facilitator, including the seven transitions to use, the best Q&A method, reflection and action planning, and the powerful SME/trainer/facilitator continuum. Develop a list of at least five action ideas to apply to your next training.

Bob Pike, Chairman, CTT Press

The Secret to Evaluating Nearly Any Type of Training

You know how to evaluate traditional training, but what about microlearning, e-learning, and other types? Learn to show the value of any type of training using a blended evaluation plan. Discover key questions and considerations to keep in mind as you design and implement any training program. Know the critical questions to ask training requesters and providers. Understand how to evaluate any type of training to show its value. Learn how to maximize training outcomes while minimizing the training budget.

Wendy Kirkpatrick, President, Kirkpatrick Partners


The path starts from Input to Practice to Impact. We, in Learning & Development, more often than not tend to get too preoccupied with proving our relevance, so much that we fail to make impact. Business impact needs to be measurable at the level of bottomline in one of these 3 dimensions – (1) Cost reduction, (2) Productivity improvement, (3) System enhancement. This session will provide process and techniques to maximize business impact of your learning solutions to satisfaction of business partners. These applied practices have been contributing to business for its growth at the highest ever scale. Join this session to unravel the simple tried-and-tested practices based on real time success over last 15 years.

Rituraj Sar, Vice-President - Learning & Development, Lupin Ltd. 


Can 10 pounds of training fit into a 5-lb bag? Impossible, right? Especially when time it tight and expectations are high. Yet, in today's time-constrained workplace, organizations must develop their workforce faster and faster to compete and achieve business results. Don't get left holding the bag! Instead, discover expert instructional designer and trainer strategies essential to designing, developing, and delivering better training in half the time.

Session Outcomes:

  • Overcome three challenges you face: time constraints, unrealistic expectations, and learner disengagement. 
  • Improve the effectiveness of training in your organization as well as your job satisfaction.
  • Build a reputation for developing streamlined learning that has immediate application!

Session Format:

In this session, designers, trainers, and SMEs can expect to:

  • Engage in exercises that build their competence and confidence with these skills.
  • Receive strategies from an industry insider that address their pain points. 
  • Connect with peers to share personal best practices (yes, even virtually!).
  • Take away modern-day hacks for effectiveness and efficiency and time-tested tactics that cause learning to occur, lead to behavior change, and result in—yes—RESULTS!

Kimberly Devlin, Managing Director, EdTrek, Inc.

Engaging Gen Z Learners in the New Normal

Technology has arrived earlier than we've expected, as a result of the pandemic. Alongside its arrival, is a new breed of workforce coming in. Find out who Gen Zs are and how companies should engage them as new learners in the new normal world of work.

Raymond Victorino, Head-HR Talent Management & Development, Samsung Electronics

Digital disruption in adult learning

  • Latest trends and technologies in Learning
  • Impact of digitalization on corporate L&D  
  • Essential capabilities for Learning professionals in the new era

Wendy Chow, Senior Vice President, Learning & Development, Lazada

Critical Trends in Training and Talent Development

As the world's largest association dedicated to trainers and talent professional professionals, ATD offers sought-after industry benchmarking reports to track trends, inform decisions, and connect research to practice and performance.

Based on the latest ATD 2020 State of the Industry report, conducted at the year end of 2020, and other research findings, Dr. Wei Wang will share with you these critical trends in the training and talent development field and how L7D professionals should face those challenges.

After attending this session, participants will understand:

  • trends in learning investments, deliver methods, and learning technologies
  • trends that are transforming the training and talent development field
  • requirements of successful training and development professionals in today's uncertain environment.

Wei Wang, CPTD, Senior Director ATD Global, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Is it Worth? Measuring ROI in Training - A case Study

Learning has become a strategic priority of organization in this changing world. Every dollar spend on learning is being carefully thought through and it is responsibility of each learning individual to ensure that these learnings create the highest ROI. The questions are - how do we measure this ? And is it really Worth ? These are the questions that we in learning have been struggling with everyday. This session will give you principles, tools & techniques on how learning can create a direct business impact.

Ravi Hemnani, Head Learning & Development, Global Learning, Campus, Siemens

E-Learning Strategies to Rapidly Speed Up Job Proficiency of Employees

The speed with which teams is developed is far more critical now to meet the challenges of complex next-generation projects amidst a fast-paced business environment. The time to proficiency is critical business metrics to enable speed of employee development in the new business world. While training and learning interventions are the first line of defence for developing employees, the world is moving towards eLearning, remote or online training at an accelerated rate. Based on extensive research with 85 world leaders, this talk will provide powerful insights to learning leaders on reducing time to proficiency through e-learning. The goal of this talk is to educate training and learning designers with research-based strategies to design e-learning that positively speed up time to proficiency of the workforce. The talk brings a set of distilled practices drawn from 66 success stories drawn from 70 world-leading organizations spanning 40 industries across 7 countries and a wide range of skills, job types and contexts. This talk will equip participants with a renewed thinking process to design highly effective and efficient eLearning geared towards developing skills at a faster rate. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the value of reducing time to proficiency of employees
  • Review conditions and considerations for speeding up performance
  • Identify poor e-learning design elements that make time to proficiency longer
  • Learn 5 powerful strategies for designing online training for accelerating proficiency
  • Acquire a new thinking process for proficiency-focused e-learning design

Raman K Attri, Senior Global Technical Training & Learning Manager, KLA-Tencor

Learning Analytics in a digital world

In this fast changing technological landscape, digital transformation and the future of work will make big data important and relevant in the field of Learning and Development. As organisations invest in developing and training their workforce, they would want to see the return on investments for L&D translated into business outcomes. In this session, Dr Jaclyn Lee will share on the big shifts in happening in the world today, and the impact on the L&D function in terms of big data. There will be a deep dive into what is "Learning Analytics", how to implement and link it to business strategy and outcomes. She will also share a few case studies of how L&D analytics have been implemented in different organisations."

Key coverage of session:

  • Globalisation and Technology
  • Digital disruptions and Future of Work
  • Importance of Employee Development in the Employee Digital Lifecycle
  • What is Learning Analytics and why is it important
  • Steps to implement Learning Analytics
  • Linking learning to organisational outcomes through data
  • Case Studies and Dashboards

Jaclyn Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Wired to Aha! The Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation

Innovation and creativity are crucial to your organization's success. Discover research on the brain science of creativity and innovation and learn how you can create an environment that supports high levels of both. You'll leave with effective strategies you can implement immediately. Discover the critical differences between creativity and innovation. Learn the brain science that sets up high levels of creativity and innovation. Discover new strategies you can use to create a culture that supports creativity and innovation. 

Britt Andreatta, CEO, 7th Mind, Inc.

7 Trends that will help you shape your Learning and Development Strategy

What technologies are impacting and transforming companies? As L&D professionals, we run the risk of being left behind if we can't adapt our skills to ensure continued relevance. Come be inspired by what others in the Talent Development space are doing leveraging to apply the learning to your own work.

Nikki O'Keeffe, Senior Facilitator, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Workforce of the Future: Beyond reskilling Unleashing workforce potential

9% of CEO's worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce is a barrier to future growth [PWC CEO Survey 2019]. Meanwhile, employees only have 1% of their workweek to focus on learning new skills [Leading in Learning, Bersin by Deloitte]

Our question is "How do we build tomorrow's workforce skills today" how do we develop an L&D strategy to close the gap?

  • What jobs will be impacted by technology or organizational and or strategic change.
  • How do we shift the ownership from the organization to the employee?
  • Soft Skill as well as technical skills
  • Culture that drives employee engagement
  • Building a Learning culture.

Ron Thomas, Managing Director, Strategy Focused Group

Creating Milestones and Meaningful Moments through Leadership Learning Journeys

Most organizations agree that leadership development should be aligned with business strategy and ensure a robust pipeline of ready leaders. The ongoing quest for effective talent development methodologies highlights the importance of this alignment and readiness. Viewing leadership development as a journey that integrates opportunities to gain insight, experiences, visibility, and tackle challenges—creates paths that connect individual growth to organizational needs.

The fact that change does not happen overnight long term engagement deploying learning journeys brings a considerable impact.

Through this session, the speaker will share his recent experiences of deploying a 3-month learning journey at an established global Fintech organization and provide several compelling reasons on how this scientific approach helps with:

  • A better understanding of business needs and issues
  • Allows autonomy and personalization in terms of what tools and processes are working
  • Allows the application of learning in real life

Amit Nagpal, Leadership Development Expert, ATD Master Trainer, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Develop Yourself Now and for the Future with the ATD Capability Model

Calling all talent development practitioners! ATD recently rolled out an updated competency framework titled the Talent Development Capability Model that illustrates what talent development practitioners need to KNOW and DO to develop themselves, others and their organizations.

Join an expert from ATD National as she take us on a tour of the new model, demonstrate interactive tools and share insights from how practitioners in the region have reported their skills levels. Learn how the new model has impacted ATD's global certification programs – and how certification can positively impact your career.

  • Understand the components of the new model - Discover the knowledge and skills that will empower the growth and development of talent development professionals.
  • Apply the interactive tools to identify areas of growth for yourself or your whole team - Assess skill strengths and gaps for development resources to build a plan to close gaps
  • Compare skill strengths and gaps of those in the region to TD professionals to those around the world
  • Describe the updates to ATD's certification programs and how they can impact your career

Elizabeth Hannah, Associate Director, Learning Delivery, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

How Teachers Become Great Trainers

Many teachers would classify their careers as more than just a job, educating others is a calling. Still, now more than ever, teachers are frustrated and worried about what comes next for them. As a global pandemic rages and their profession turns to an online channel, they are exhausted, overburdened and under paid. For those teachers looking for a new career path, ATD offers help. Teachers do not have to leave behind their passion to educate in return for a paycheck. You really can have both a stable and rewarding career and work in the corporate setting using skills learned from being a teacher. In this session you will:

  • Learn more about the field of talent development.
  • Explore the transferrable skills and language moving from K-12 education to adult education.
  • Develop an action-plan to take you from teaching into the field of talent development.

Lisa Spinelli, Senior Content Manager, Learning Delivery, Association for Talent Development (ATD)

How to Upskill for Digital Transformation

Change isn't coming—it's already here, and businesses that do not proactively meet the pace of technology disruption are 60 percent more likely to fold within 10 years according to Deloitte. It is imperative for senior executives to anticipate the right skills for the future and nail their digital learning strategy. Join this session about how to upskill your workforce for digital transformation.

David Hendrick Jr., Director, Centre For Healthcare Innovation - People Development (PD), Tan Tock Seng Hospital