BREWERY IN - PLANNING: Breweries in-planning (in the startup phase or in the licensing phase) are eligible to join the Brewers Association of Maryland as non-voting members.

LICENSED BREWERY: Breweries licensed in the state of Maryland are eligible to join the Brewers Association of Maryland as voting members. Tier levels are based on the number of barrels produced in the prior year.

CIDERY/MEADERY: BAM accepts membership from cider and mead producers operating with Maryland winery licenses. These license types are included as non-voting members of the association.

AFFILIATE MEMBERS: BAM invites businesses that support the growth and prosperity of the state's craft beer industry to join our association as affiliate members. Affiliate members gain recognition on the Brewers Association of Maryland's website and earn opportunities to work directly with the members of our association. Your membership contributes directly to the success of our association's advocacy, educational programming, event execution, and promotional activities.

  • Affiliate Type 1: Trade Associations, Media Partners, Event Partners
  • Affiliate Type 2: Vendors, Suppliers of Goods and Services, Retailers, Wholesalers
  • Affiliate: Local Grower

NOTE: The Brewers Association of Maryland annual membership cycle starts on February 1st. Most memberships will be prorated for the first year. You may choose to pay your membership dues annually or quarterly (4x year payment). Please contact us if you have any questions.