Welcome to The Black Pages! A local-focused collaborative space for small businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and the communities they serve to find each other, work together, learn, grow, engage and build. Membership here on The Black Pages will connect you to people.

Community members get access to events, festivals, block parties, and local community activations focused on health, wellness, entrepreneurship and connection. Entrepreneur Members can find collaborators, generate new revenue streams, own and monetize their content, and more!

Pioneer business owners who have an audience of other business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as community members who they support and serve can now reach their audience directly to invite them to events, sales, surveys, festivals, and so much more!

Choose an individual membership below if you are an artist, vendor, entrepreneur, or community member.

Choose a corporate membership if you are a small business owner with a community of members, followers, supporters, and clients with whom you want to reach, build, connect, collaborate, and create.

Welcome to the Community!

  • Community Business Owner
    1 month
    Package price

    For the entrepreneurs shaping the future, Small Business Owners enjoy:

    • Benefits of Vendor Members: plus discounted access to workshops and business resources.
    • Growth Strategy Workshops: Tailored for small businesses, this will help you establish and build your membership base.
    • Personalized Consultation: Business advisory sessions for customized guidance.

    Build your empire with a supportive community by your side!

  • Community Leader Membership
    # of card holders
    Package price

    Lead by example and be a Unity Maestro within our community:

    • All Previous Benefits: Harmony Explorer, Culture Creator, Innovation Artisan, and Empire Builder perks.
    • Leadership Summits: Exclusive gatherings for community influencers.
    • Sponsorship Opportunities: Showcase your commitment to community growth.

    Conduct the symphony of collaboration as a revered community leader!

  • Pioneer Business Members
    1 month
    Package price

    For the Pioneers initiating and driving change in their city, we're offering a way to generate new revenue streams:

    • Your own membership services: now you can create your own community out of your direct clients to stay in touch in a real, in-person way.
    • Offer subscriptions: now you can create benefits for your loyal customers to receive discounts, early access to events, and resources.
    • Host online and in-person events: Connect with your members by offering events and activations to introduce education, entertainment, and enrichment.
    • Create donation and sponsorship opportunities: reach out to others who want to support your efforts and streamline how you can receive funds and donations.

    In addition, Pioneers also experience:

    • All Previous Benefits: Community and Business/Entrepreneur Member perks.
    • Cross-Promotion Opportunities: Connect with other Pioneers for mutual growth.
    • Featured Content Creation: Spotlight your business in community content.
    • Exclusive Roundtable Events: Shape the future of our ecosystem.

    Trailblaze the path to prosperity for your business and the entire community!