IAIC (International Agriculture Innovation Conference) is a series of annual international conferences on Agriculture Innovation that has been running since 2016.

The IAIC conferences are devoted to presenting and examining various issues that are related to current problems seen in agriculture. Furthermore, it aims to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas about agriculture innovation among leading researchers, educators, developers and practitioners who share their research and disseminate innovation in education, business, community, environment and government.

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  • IAIC 2020, 6-9 November 2020 in Maryland, USA (Webinar)
  • IAIC 2019, 7-9 August 2019 in Oulu, Finland
  • IAIC 2018, 12-13 October 2018 in Beijing, China
  • IAIC 2017, 18-19 October 2017 in Ching Mai, Thailand
  • IAIC 2016, 19-20 November 2016 in Taichung, Taiwan