Since its inception, MAACS has been considered one of the largest and strongest state associations representing career schools in

the country. With over 100 school members, MAACS represents private non-profit schools, private for-profit schools, and

adult education programs associated with career training centers. MAACS also welcomes companies that support the technical education sector through the sale of products and services.

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    If your company provides products or services for schools, a MAACS membership is a perfect fit. Career colleges and schools across the region contact MAACS requesting referrals for trusted vendors. MAACS includes a directory on our website with vendors, products, and resources that can be viewed by our members. In addition, MAACS Associate Members are encouraged to exhibit at the annual MAACS Conference.

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    Enjoy the benefits of a MAACS membership for your organization. Dues are determined by your gross tuition revenue and are collected annually. After completing the online contact form, a dedicated member specialist will contact you to arrange payment information. Click Here to begin.